How To Apply

Have you found that property you are ready to rent long term? 

  1. To apply, (1) search our long term rentals, (2) select your desired property and (3) click the “Apply Online” link.
  2. To finish the application, you will need to provide a variety of things. This includes proof of identity, income and rental history. And finally a $50 non-refundable application fee per occupant over 18 years old.
  3. Once you are approved, know that a minimum of one’s month rent is due in certified funds. This money is due prior to lease execution and within 24 hours of approval. We will then execute your lease agreement.
  4. You may also drop off your application at one of our rental offices with a $50 application fee.

Please read through the following criteria prior to applying.

We are an equal opportunity housing provider.

Southern Residential Leasing fully complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, age, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. We also comply with State and Local Fair Housing Laws.

All Adult applicants 18 years or older must submit a fully completed, dated and signed residency application and fee. Applicant(s) must provide proof of identity, such as a valid driver’s license, military ID, or State ID. Applicants without a social security number must provide proof of a permitted stay in the U.S with a U.S./I.N.S Visa. A $50.00 nonrefundable application fee per applicant will be required with your application. All applicants will be listed as lease holders, all other individuals will be listed as occupants. Applicant(s) may be required to be approved by a condo/homeowner’s association which may have minimum required days before occupying a property and may have to pay an additional application fee or an additional security or damage deposit.

A monthly gross income of at least 2.5 times the monthly rent is required, income may be combined by applicants. A minimum of two years’ residential rental history is required. Homeownership and base housing are equivalent.

Self-employed applicants may be required to produce, upon request, 2 years of tax returns or 1099’s and non-employed individuals must provide verifiable proof of income.

Active military are required to provide official orders and a LES at time of submitting an application.

All sources of other income must be verifiable if needed to qualify for a rental property.

It is our intent to insure criminal history information is used in a fair, non-biased, and non-discriminatory way without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or familial status. Criminal history must not contain felony conviction for criminal offenses involving violence, assault or battery, firearms, arson, or manufacture and/or distribution of controlled substances within the past seven (7) years and no convictions for sexual offenses regardless of when the conviction occurred. In the event criminal history indicates misdemeanor or felony convictions for any other type of criminal offenses (other than minor traffic infractions), additional information will be required in order for Manager to properly review all facts and circumstances of such conviction. Manager reserves the right to deny the application upon the completion of its investigation and review.

2 years previous rental history reports from landlords must reflect timely payment, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding noise, disturbances or illegal activities, no unpaid NSF checks, and no damage to unit or failure to leave the property clean and without damage at time of lease termination.

No pets (with the exception of service animals for the benefit of the occupant(s)) of any kind are permitted without specific written permission of the landlord in the lease document, an addendum to lease, a non-refundable pet fee acceptable to landlord and/or an additional pet deposit or additional security deposit. The following pets will not be accepted under any circumstances, GERMAN SHEPHERDS, DOBERMANS, PIT BULLS, CHOWS, ROTWEILLERS OR ANY OTHER KNOWN-AGGRESSIVE ANIMAL.

Applicants will be required to pay a security deposit once approved prior to lease execution in a minimum amount of one month’s rent plus $5.00.  The property will not be removed from the rental market until the security deposit is received. We reserve the right to require a higher security deposit and or additional prepaid rent. The security deposit covers the re-keying and any of the following as needed: premises cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, and maintenance.

Current occupancy standards are a maximum of 2 persons per bedroom, except for infants under 4 years of age.  Furthermore, some city and county municipalities and/or homeowners associations prohibit more than two (2) unrelated adults to reside in a single family dwelling unit. Acceptance of any application is also based upon family sizes and the total living square footage: typically the max for a 1,000 sq.ft or less is four (4); up to 1,500 sq.ft., max of six (6); up to 2,500 sq.ft., seven (7) occupants.  Notwithstanding this provision, the number of occupants must also be in compliance with HUD standards/guidelines for the applied for unit.

Once you are approved, you will have 24 hours to submit a security deposit. If not received within said time frame, the property will remain on the rental market. If applicant fails to execute a lease within a reasonable time frame, or changes their mind, the applicant shall forfeit the entire security deposit. This action will make the property available to be rented by other applicants. Lease start/move in date must fall within 2 weeks of the availability date.

Our company policy is to report all non-compliances with terms of your rental agreement or failure to pay rent, or any amounts owed to the credit bureau and/or a collection agency and if the amount is disputed, it shall be reported as disputed in accordance with the law.

Any exceptions to our company’s criteria will need to be submitted in writing to the rental agent for presentation to the landlord for consideration.  If approval is then given for such exceptions, additional security, and/or additional advance rent payments may be required.

Manager uses a list of criteria in every application. Based upon Manager’s findings through the Application process, Manager has the right to: (1) make further inquiries of Applicant; (2) require additional deposits and/or rent; (3) require a guarantor and/or promissory notes; (4) require advanced rent; (5) reject Applicants; and (6) other actions to reserve the rights of Manager and Owner.