Move Out Procedures

Moving out? We are sad to see you go, but we want to help simplify the move out process for you.

Prior to moving out, Southern Residential Leasing requires at least one full calendar (30 days) month’s notice. Once you have given notice, the property may be listed for sale or for rent. At this point, it is important that you know it is eligible for showings.

As you are moving out, please note that your keys and professional carpet cleaning receipts must be turned into the office. Find a complete list of cleaning instructions here.  We will conduct an inspection AFTER this is complete and you have officially moved out. Your move-in inspection report will be used to compare your rental’s state before and after. From this and previously taken pictures, we will assess the damage (if any).

Your security deposit will be disbursed in accordance to the procedures in your lease and the corresponding Landlord/Tenant Act.

Please review our vacate procedures highlighted in your tenant handbook for more information. This will help you ensure that each item is complete. If you have any additional questions or concerns during your move, please contact your property manager.

We hope you have enjoyed your time living in a Northwest Florida and Alabama rental with Southern. Best of luck with your move out and future move in to your new home!