Preventative Maintenance

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According to Zillow, preventative maintenance costs are the most burdensome expense for an investment property owner. Additionally, the average U.S. homeowner pays over $6,000 in unnecessary home repairs every year.

Routine maintenance is the key to avoiding unnecessary home repairs. Just like regular oil changes for your car, keeping up with your home regularly will save you from future expensive headaches down the road. Routine and preventative maintenance is an integral part of Southern’s property management programs. Because of that, we can reduce overall expenses on your investment property and achieve for you the greatest return on investment.

To learn more, download Southern’s Preventative Maintenance brochure. Whichever plan you choose, know that we will work with you to keep your property in top condition. We will also personally manage the day-to-day responsibilities from HVAC and appliances inspections to yard maintenance.

So, sign up today and save up to 40% off your home repairs costs! Contact a member of our team to answer any questions you may have about our maintenance programs.