5 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

Real estate agent at workDo you currently own an income property in South Walton? If so, you know that managing it yourself can be financially rewarding. However, it comes at cost to your mental and physical well-being. At Southern, we understand that it makes sense to take to DIY approach, but in most cases, it just isn’t practical. That’s why we wanted to show you the benefits of hiring a property management company, like Southern:

(1) Setting Rental Rates: We’ll study the market and conduct a thorough rate analyses to set a rate that maximizes monthly income and maintains a low vacancy rate.

(2) Collections & Deposits: Bills can be difficult to collect, end of story. Southern can offer you the benefit of a tried-and-true system to collect rent and maintain your cash flow.

(3) Marketing & Advertising: If you want to avoid long vacancies, we can help. We know where and how to market your property so that visibility is maximized.

(4) Tenant Procurement: Speaking of vacancies, finding quality tenants is a huge factor when it comes to keeping this number low. We perform background checks and verify employment/rental history so that you do not have to.

(5) Vendor Relationships: Maintenance is not a problem at Southern. We work for you, guaranteeing the best price and overseeing projects every step of the way.

That’s really just the beginning. Call today to find out more about what our Alabama and Florida property managers can do for you and your investment!

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