5 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving ~ Southern Residential Leasing

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you’re likely preparing your grocery list and checking in with family members. But, have you stopped to decorate your home for Thanksgiving? With the jump from Halloween to Christmas decorations in stores, it’s easy to overlook Thanksgiving decor. We love decorating for Thanksgiving; it’s a great way to set your home up for fall and a nice transition between holidays. Decorating your rental home in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, or Daphne, Alabama for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be complicated, either! It’s as easy as you make it.¬†We’ve compiled our favorite 5 ways to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. From centerpieces to mantle decor and everything in between, your home will be holiday-ready in no time!

Fall Wreath on Door

Hang a Wreath

A wreath is a simple yet effective way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. Wreaths are usually hung around Christmastime, but in reality, you can hang any time of year! Thanksgiving wreaths adorned with fall foliage, earthy flowers, and a cozy color palette create a warm welcome for anyone coming to your door.

Adorn the Mantle

If your home has a mantle, strategically placing some Thanksgiving decorations here is another easy way to spruce up your home for the holiday. This can include anything from garland to small heirloom pumpkins. You can even hang a Thanksgiving banner from your local craft store for a little something extra!

Set a Centerpiece

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your rental home in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, or anywhere else across the Gulf Coast this year, then a centerpiece is a must. You don’t need a large table to set a centerpiece, either! Achieve an autumnal effect with a table runner, glass vase, and some flowers all within a warm color palette. You can even add some pumpkins and candles (scented or unscented) for a warm glow that everyone will love!

Decorate the Porch

Just like hanging a wreath on the door, having an inviting front (or back) porch is a great way to make your guests feel at home immediately. Just make sure your patio is protected from the elements before setting anything outdoors! Set up a lavish harvest display with small trees, pumpkins, and some fall garland.

Create a Gratitude Tree

A new Thanksgiving tradition and decor all in one! Set up a small tree on your dining room table with slips of paper and ask guests to write down what they are thankful for. Then, once you’re all seated, go around and share what you are thankful for!

We hope you enjoyed our favorite ways to decorate your home for Thanksgiving! If you are looking for your rental home on the Gulf Coast in time for the holidays, be sure to contact us! Our knowledgeable team is here to help.

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