A/C Broken? Here’s What to Do

A/C Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning units work overtime in the Florida heat. Temps are already hitting the mid-80s and it’s not even summer. This can lead to A/C malfunctions and mad-dashes to home improvement stores for portable fans until the problem is resolved. You can, however, help prevent breakdowns by following these A/C maintenance tips.

Know This

An A/C unit can only cool your home 20-22 degrees below the outside temperature. Therefore, setting your thermostat below 70 degrees in the summer is likely to create a malfunction. With Florida temperatures reaching the 90s and even the 100 degree mark, the best temperature to set your thermostat at during summer is 78 degrees. This is also the most energy efficient setting to avoid power bill increases.

Do This

Change your A/C filter every month on the first when you pay rent; that way, you don’t forget. This prevents the system from becoming clogged with dust, and prevents your home from filling with allergens. After you change the filter, turn the thermostat off and fill the bleach port in the HVAC system with half a cup of bleach, and follow it with two cups of warm water.

Check This

Check the outside drain pipe to make sure it isn’t blocked by debris or obstructions. Typically, you’ll find the drain next to the unit. If you see water draining, it’s a good sign. If not, you’ll need to check the overflow pan for excess water or leaks.

In The Event of an Emergency

First, check the thermostat. If there is no reading on the display, change the batteries. If you happen to hear water dripping, turn off the unit and mitigate water damages by using towels or a wet vacuum to soak up the water. Then, report the issue through your tenant portal.  Click the “New Service Request” button on the home page, then the tab titled “Service Request.”

Post a detailed description of the problem and leave your current contact information. Your tenant portal can be accessed through SouthernResidentialLeasing.com or by clicking this link – Tenant Portal. For after-hours issues (after 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, weekends and holidays), call 866-389-0832 and detail the problem, as well as your county of residence.

Following these A/C maintenance tips will help you stay cool and calm this summer.

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