Between Tenant Updates

So, you have been lucky enough to hold on to the same tenant for a few years but now they are moving on. How can you quickly and cost-effectively upgrade your rental to attract a new renter ASAP?

Well, first all, tour your rental like you have never layed eyes on the place. Walk both the inside, outside and far perimeter. If you notice any damages or have any concerns, address those first. Secure living is the most important thing to any tenant and being up to code is a necessary protection for you as a landlord, as well. If all seems well, begin thinking of upgrades you would want if you were touring the home. Is the paint color a little less light and bright than it used to be? Painting the walls a fresh, nuetral color can be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update a home. Upgraded switch plates, lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans will also have an amazing impact.

And, as always, mind your curb appeal. First impressions are everything in this competitve rental market so make sure your Gulf Coast rental property stands out among the rest! For more tips, contact our property management professionals today.

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