Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

Christmas Decorating Safety Tips ~ Southern Residential Leasing

‘Tis the season for Christmas decorating! With Christmas just a week away, we wanted to share some of our best pieces of advice for safely decorating your home. We’re sure that you’re putting the finishing touches on making your home merry and bright for the holidays, but these Christmas decorating safety tips can always come in handy. From keeping your tree hydrated to what plants to avoid for pet health, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t Hang Lights by Yourself

Always work in pairs when hanging lights outside the house. One person should remain on the ground while the other works on the ladder. Additionally, ensure that your ladder is sturdy and stable enough for use.

Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

Check Lights and Sockets Before Plugging In

Are your tree lights frayed? Throw them out and go pick up a new pair at your local Target, Walmart, or crafts store. Frayed lights or lights with broken sockets and loose connections can cause electrical damage or spark a fire.

Keep Plants Away From Pets

Seasonal plants like poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly sure are beautiful but are poisonous for cats and dogs. Instead of shopping for the real thing, opt for a fake version that’s just as pretty and will keep everybody out of the emergency vet’s office.

Hydrate Your Christmas Tree

A dry Christmas tree is a gateway to a house fire, and no one wants a house fire around Christmas. Make sure you water your tree daily to avoid drying out the tree. The first 7-10 days the tree is in the stand, it will need plenty of water each day. The standard for a healthy tree? One quart of water per inch in trunk diameter. So, if your tree trunk has a 5″ diameter, make sure the tree stand has five quarts of water each day.

We hope our Christmas decorating safety tips serve you well this holiday season! Visit our blog to see what else we’ve got going on at Southern.

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