Deck the Halls of Your Rental

christmas2Is is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your neighborhood? Well, our Gulf Coast property managers certainly think it should. And just to help, they have decided to help you deck the halls with some fresh decorating ideas.

One of our favorite ways to light up the season is a with a brilliant array of paper luminaries. Try lining them along the front walks and add a snowflake or holiday message for a fresh twist. Another way to create a warm welcome is a decorative mailbox topper. Top off your square mailbox with bouquet of winter buy cialis online price plants or add a red ribbon to your traditional mailbox.

Carry your outside theme indoors with a few decorated pendant lights and handrails. All it takes is a little garland before your home is filled with warm feelings of the season. You could also swap out pillows, dress your kitchen chairs and hang decorations in your window to take your home from every day to holiday.

For more tips on how to create that Christmas feeling in your Northwest Florida long term rental, contact our property management team at Southern Residential Leasing today.

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