Decorating Your Rental Home

paintersDid you recently buy a second home or investment property in Northwest Florida that could use a little TLC? Sometimes, these homes are where the best bargains lie and provide the perfect opportunity for you to add your own personal touch. But before you go out and make some major purchases, keep in mind the things that will affect your rental’s public appeal.

Let us be honest, reaching common design ground with your significant other is tough enough, but trying to please future renters – why not just give up now?

With that in mind, perhaps the best thing you can do with your fixer upper is collect pictures and gather opinions of family and friends. If nothing crosses over, pick the the style that is least objectionable.

Another thing you can do is visit boutique showrooms and big-box stores. Perhaps start off at the smaller showrooms to get an idea of what could and what will work. If these stores are too pricey, you can always head to the larger warehouse stores to pick out your modern fixtures and appliances.

Want more tips on how to deck out your property while maintaining tenant appeal? Contact our Gulf Coast property managers today for more specific details.

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