Evicting A Tenant in Florida

Evicting a tenant from your rental property is an unpleasant, if not downright nasty, experience. No one likes to do it, but, should you need to, it’s important to take correct actions and to have the law, and your property manager, on your side.

Southern Residential Leasing is fortunate that we have to handle very few evictions each year, usually because we are so proactive about screening and checking the references of our tenants. It does happen, though. Each eviction is different and all are time and money consuming. If you are independently managing your income property without professional assitance, be sure to employ the services of an attorney if entering the eviction process. We know we couldn’t do it without our legal team, whose services are available to each of our owners. An attorney will help you walk through the process of filing a proper eviction, including making sure you have grounds to do so before spending your money.

If evictions and poor tenants have been a trend with your income property, contact Southern today. Even if you only employee us for tenant procurement services, we can save you time, headaches and legal fees through nothing more than property screening and a good, ol’ fashioned background check.

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