Features Renters Love & You Should Mention

In a world of HGTV kitchens and crashed, immaculate yards, you may think these are the only things potential renters are interested in when looking at your Northwest Florida income property. There are some hidden home features, however, that might mean more.

Space is a huge factor for anyone. Every person will want room to entertainment, for their furniture to fit and, of course, for their family to live. So, if you’ve got a large living space with high ceilings and lots of light, as seen here, capitalize on it! Also, be sure to show off those updated window treatments and ceiling fans. In Florida, those two features add up to saved energy costs for your tenant and are a selling amenity for you.

Additional rental features you should maximize include storage, both in the bedrooms and kitchen, as well as your proximity to schools, local area entertainment and dining options. For more on hidden rental features that tenants love, consult our Destin property management team today!

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