Features Renters Want

Patio-714x535“An open floor plan,” “granite countertops” and “stainless steel appliance,” the words so commonly heard on HGTV. In a world filled with these demands, you may think that these items are the only things potential renters are interested in when shopping for a Northwest Florida long term rental. The truth is, there are some hidden features that might mean more.

What are these gems that should be noted? Well, space for one thing, is a HUGE factor for anyone – and enough of it to place your furniture, entertain and of course, live comfortably can often be a top priority in the minds of renters. Another thing you can capitalize on is updated window treatments, ceiling fans and light fixtures. In Florida, those seemingly tiny features can save renters a bundle in energy costs.

Lastly, don’t forget to mention storage space, proximity to community attractions and nearby amenities. For more information on features that renters look for, consult our Destin property management team today!

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