Finding a Home for You and Your Pet

Finding a place to live is hard enough. Add a pet to the process and it is nearly impossible.

We all love our animals. They are members of our families. Unfortunately, the same is not true for landlords and their rental properties. If you have a furry friend, aside from the common “NO PETS ALLOWED,” you have probably run into the complications of breed restriction and space.

Finding yourself at a loss, there are some alternative ways to find a home for you and your pooch. Consider looking into single-family rentals. Large apartment complexes lack space and flexibility whereas individually owned properties have a greater potential to understand things on a case-by-case basis. If you come across an open-minded landlord, having all your documents prepared will only help the situation. Think about asking your current landlord or even vet for a pet letter of rec.

An important thing to remember is to be flexible, both to find a place and to pay the extra fees, including deposits and insurance. Remember as much as you love your animal, the owner loves his or her home.

Finding a pet-friendly rental does not have to consume you. Our leasing agents at Southern Residential Leasing will help you find the perfect home for you and your pet.

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