Five Ways to Make a Backyard Kid-Friendly

Five Ways to Make a Backyard Kid-Friendly ~ Southern Residential Leasing

So, you’ve got a rental house that you want to market to families. You’ve made sure it’s just the right size, has all the necessary appliances, and it’s even pet-friendly. These are all great steps! Another way to boost your chances of your home getting rented is making the backyard kid-friendly. Parents want their kids to have as much outdoor time as possible, and when the backyard is safe and ready for play, it’s much more attractive to renters. This is as simple as putting up a fence and growing grass! It doesn’t require a ton of work. Check out our five ways to make a backyard kid-friendly.

Build that Fence

Pensacola Rental Home

This adorable rental home in Pensacola, Florida has a fenced-in backyard for kids and pets to play!

If your home has a backyard, building a fence is paramount to ensure kids have a safe place to play. Safety is the number one concern for parents. In addition, Realty Times reports that adding a fence can raise a home’s property value by about $2,500.

Let the Grass Grow

Kids will need plenty of grass to play in – imagine them rolling around in the dirt! Grass does grow on its own but oftentimes will need a little help. The greener the grass the healthier it is, so fertilize your grass seasonally and make time for regular lawn maintenance.

Install a Storage Shred

Toys are a necessity for kids, but don’t look so great strewn all across the yard. By installing a shortage shed in your backyard, you’re giving parents a place to stow them away. The storage shed can also be used to store garden tools such as gardening equipment or a lawnmower.

Add a Seating Area

If you don’t have a screened-in porch, add a patio area where parents and adults can sit and relax while the kids play. Even if the rest of the house is unfurnished, adding a simple bench or a few nice patio chairs can go a long way

Make the Pool Safe

Rental homes with pools are few and far between, but if you do have one, make sure it’s safe for families with kids. Installing a small fence around the pool will give you and the family renting your home peace of mind.

We hope you enjoyed our five ways to make a backyard kid-friendly! Be sure to check out our rental homes in Pensacola, Destin, and throughout Alabama.

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