Florida & Alabama Back-to-School Tax Free Weekend!

fgfIt’s that time of year again! The summer season is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to get the kids packed and ready for school. Haven’t had a chance to stock up on paper, pens and pencils? No worries, this is the perfect weekend to do so!

Mark your calendars because Florida and Alabama’s Back-to-School Tax Free Weekend starts NOW. But before you rush to the store, here’s what you savvy shoppers need to know:

ALABAMA: Eligible items include clothing, footwear and accessories selling for less than $100 per item, and school supplies including folders, pencils and paper under $15 per item. All of  these buy cialis no prescription in uk items are considered tax-free in addition to computers and computer accessories within the first $750 of the sales price. You better hurry though, these savings only last through Sunday, August 9th.

FLORIDA: Same rules apply for Florida’s Sales Tax Holiday. The only difference is that you can save more for a longer period of time. That’s right! The aforementioned items will remain tax-free through Sunday, August 16th.

What are you waiting for? Time to head out and start shopping!

For more information on each state’s tax-free week/weekend(s), visit the individual Florida and Alabama state revenue websites.

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