Fort Walton Beach Ranks Most Livable Cities List!

PCB PierAre you currently staying in a long term rental in Fort Walton Beach? Or do you own an investment property in the area? You chose wisely, because the area is gaining in popularity.

From the beaches and parks to the area events and services, Fort Walton Beach, Florida has long been a hidden treasure for those of us who live and vacation here. Not so hidden any more, our small town just cracked’s “Top 100 Best Small Towns” in the county list. is a web-based marketing company that publishes a variety of lists that identify the best places to live, work and visit across America and, Fort Walton Beach, Florida just happens to be one of those places. The city ranked number 83, behind top contenders like Lebanon, New Hampshire and Durango, Colorado.

Even at 83, we all know the truth… Next year, we’ll just have to figure out how to get higher.

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