Gallery Night in Pensacola

If you arFerdinand Plaza2e living it up in a long-term rental in Pensacola, and are looking for events in the area, be sure to experience the magic of historic downtown Pensacola during Gallery Night. On one special Friday each month, the streets of downtown close down to traffic and open up to music, art, local performers, and visitors! The galleries along Palafox Street stay open later and have featured artists, many of which are there for you to meet in person.  The sounds of live music can be heard up and down the street as many local performers setup along the sidewalks and most business offer live entertainment as well.

Outdoor seating is available at several establishments, so you can have dinner or drinks and watch the crowd. There are also many historical parks to have a picnic or take a stroll and enjoy the ambiance of downtown Pensacola as it comes alive on this special night. Of course, the art and the artists are what this night is all about and the area will be a full of local talent and one-of -a -kind artwork.

Most downtown Pensacola business offer discounts and deals on Gallery Night, including drink specials, dining coupons, unique tours, and more. You can even take a horse drawn carriage though the historic village to have an authentic experience!  Pensacola has a rich history and the preserved area downtown is home to some of the most impressive real estate in the Pensacola area, or anywhere else. Believed to be one of the first settlements in the United States, downtown Pensacola is a very unique place.

Pensacola has several fun and family friendly events each year that celebrate the area, the history and the people of this great city along the Gulf Coast. Be sure to experience these while living in a long-term rental in Pensacola!

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