Freshen Up Your Yard for Summer!

Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching! Is your yard ready for the warmer weather? We have listed below 6 helpful tips to get your backyard ready for summer. Not only will doing these 6 tasks keep your backyard in tip-top shape for the years to come, but it will also make it a fun hangout spot to relax and unwind. Put some sunscreen on, headphones in, and get to work making your backyard your summer oasis.

Mow Your Lawn to an Appropriate HeightGet Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Make sure to be mowing your lawn regularly. We encourage you to do this every week as long as your grass is continuing to grow. Don’t cut it too short or it might struggle to grow.

Reseed Bare Patches

Properly reseed any gaps you may have in your lawn. Gaps are completely normal and doing a reseed project will typically bring them back to life.


Fertilizing your yard will help it keep its beautiful, vibrant green color. It will also make the soil plentiful in necessary nutrients giving your grass a better shot at growing tall and strong.

Plant Summer Flowers

Bring some color to your backyard by planting your favorite summer flower. You could also try your hand at planting herbs – great for those who love to cook or make a summer cocktail.

Aerate Your Lawn

The best time to aerate your lawn is the spring! Doing so will improve the air exchange between soil and atmosphere ensuring your grass is able to absorb any hydration or fertilizer.

Trim Back Trees and Shrubs

Trimming back any trees or shrubs is the perfect final touch to get your backyard ready for summer. Everything flourishes in the springtime so make sure to keep your shrubs under control during the summer months.

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