Get Your Lawn Ready for Summer!

springWith the heat and humidity of summer right around the corner, now is a great time to make sure everything in your Northwest Florida rental home is running smoothly. That is right, it is time for those annual summer chores.

Before you hit the beach do a quick survey of your property, inside and out. While the weather is gorgeous, the heat can take a toll on your home.

With day temperatures close to 90 degrees, the last thing that anyone wants to deal with is a run-down air conditioning system. Keep in mind that poor cooling can often be attributed to a clogged filter. It is important to change the filter monthly and clear the drain line with bleach.

On your way out, remember to double check the exterior of your home. Be on the lookout for any previous seasonal damage, this includes wood rot and mold. Once you have finished the patrol, it is time to adjust how you water the lawn. If possible, place your sprinklers on a timer to water your lawn deeply and less frequently. In cases where your lawn pump is broken, use a hose with the same theory in mind until it is further repaired.

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