Handy Tip: Faulty Locks

There is a very unique sense of dread associated with realizing you have locked yourself out of something, be it your car, home or even a room within your rental home. Not to mention the feeling of having the key and it just not working properly. Today handy tip deals with just that!

So, you have the key, you’re pretty sure you’re using it correctly but the door just won’t open? Grab the WD-40, which is fast becoming a staple in our handy tips series. A few sprays into the keyhole should loosen a seized lock. If not, call us as it will most likely require a pro.

When you first move into a home, it might takeĀ a bit to get used to the doors, so what do you do when you inevitably lock yourself out of a room? Grab a small piece of metal, such as a tiny flathead screwdriver or even a bobby pin. Locate the tiny holeĀ either on the knob or plate, use the metal piece to push the spring inside and bingo! The door should pop right open.

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