Handy Tips: Allergy-Free Home

Spring will be sprung in just a few short weeks which means warmer temperatures, long days back on the Northwest Florida beaches and, for some of us, allergies. You don’t have to suffer, however, especially in your Gulf Coast rental home.

It’s no fun having allergies, we all know, but it’s especially miserable to have a sneezing fit every time you walk into your own home. So, what can you do? First, pack away the heavy fabrics of winter including tablecloths and couch throws. While decorative pieces such as these help make your house a home they are also absorbing allergens. Next, for those soft goods that can’t be removed such as your couch, try steam cleaning. You don’t even need chemicals, the heat is enough. 

Two final tips and you should be remarkably more comfortable at home. Consider investing in an air purifier, especially for your bedroom. Lastly, if you aren’t local to the area, try eating a tablespoon of local honey a day; it will help you acclimate to the local pollen.

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