Handy Tips: Carpet Cleaning!

Many of our long-term home rentals in Northwest Florida include tile or hardwood flooring in the home, but a majority offer carpet, even if it’s just in the bedrooms. While carpet is lush and wonderful to walk on, it inevitably gets stained one way or another.

Whether you knock a drink off your nightstand in the middle of the night or a guest spills a glass of red wine during a party, you don’t want to live out the rest of your home lease looking at it, right? A few simple tips, a little knowledge and quick action can save a carpet in no time. First, soak up the moisture on the carpet as quickly as possible. Pat the area with a clean towel or paper towel. Don’t rub! It will just spread the stain and help it soak in. If you own a shop-vac, that can be great for collecting large stains.

┬áNext, decide which carpet cleaner to use. Certain stain removers work best on certain types of carpet. Make sure any store bought cleaner is right for your new home. If you don’t own cleaner or prefer a more organic method, check out the stain removal video above for tips on using white vinegar, ordinary dishwashing liquid, peroxide or club soda to save your carpet!

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