Handy Tips: Cleaning and Repairing Wall Marks

Whether you rent or own the walls of your home are often the first to show signs of wear. We touch them with dirty hands, the kids run into them, we lean on them or knock furniture into them. While we all do it, we don’t all have to live with it!

If the walls of your Southern Residential Leasing home are simply scuffed from your move-in or a bit dingy, try this simple cleaning tip. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water and clean the wall generic cialis soft tabs online with a light-duty abrasive sponge. The majority of every day stains should come right off leaving you with fresh, clean paint!

If the kids have not so much run into the walls but tried to run through them, leaving you with a hole to repair, check out the above video on how to patch drywall. If you aren’t comfortable making the repairs, or the hole is sizeable, give us a call at the Southern Residential Leasing office.

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