Handy Tips: Fix A Squeaky Door

Few things in a home are as, frankly, annoying as a squeaky door! This weeks’ Handy Tip will teach you how to quickly, effectively and even organically fix this problem.

Perhaps your creaking door just gives you that ‘nails down a chalkboard’ feeling or may be it’s so loud it can wake your sleeping baby. No matter your level of annoyance, know you don’t have to live with it or wait for a repairman. Simply watch our video to see how a screwdriver, hammer, rag and oil-based lubricant can easily solve your problem. This DIY video features the use of WD-40, however if you’d like to use a product that is considered a bit less toxic, you can also use Vasoline, a bar of soap and even olive oil to lubricate your hinges. Also, if removing the pins from your door requires more handy skill than you are comfortable with, any spray lubricant can be applied to your hinge without removing the pin, as shown above. Just be sure to have a rag on hand for any overspray.

We hope the above video helps solve your squeeking, scraping door problem, but please remember to call us at the Southern Residential Leasing office with any major home issues you may have with your Northwest Florida long-term rental.

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