Handy Tips: Mold Prevention!

Either the title of this blog or the image to the right sent shivers of “ew” up your spine, right? We couldn’t agree more so let’s talk preventing mold in your rental home!

We all love living in these great rental homes on the Gulf Coast but with our awesome climate come some not so awesome side effects including the nearly instant growth of mold at the first sign of a leak or water source of any sort. The humidity and heat nurture it and you get to watch as it flourishes if not caught early.

 A few ways to prevent sudden infestation and takeover include reporting leaks, be they under the sink, in your AC unit or anywhere within your rental home, to us for immediate repair. Also, keep that heat and humidity at bay by running your air conditioner routinely. And, if you do notice growth, contact us! Mold is not only harmful to your home, but can be harmful to you too.

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