Handy Tips: Money Saving Lawn Maintenance

While making green updates to the inside of your Destin rental home is a great way to attract new tenants and save money in the longrun, did you know you can actually make the outside of your home energy efficient?

That’s right, a little landscaping can save your tenants money while saving you the headache of a neglected yard. Plan a simple scape that is easy to maintain and that also incorporates natural vegetation and your Gulf Coast income property will always look its best. So, how do you do that exactly? First off, plan! Take an honest look at your home’s yard. Assess the soil PH, note where the sun shines and where is shaded and then plan flowerbeds accordingly, as all plants have certain levels they do best at. Once you’ve done that, it’s off to the store to purchase grasses and flowering plants that suit your style and yard.

This isn’t to say you have to have a yard full of flowers. Grass can be just as impactful, especially when you sod or seed with a type suited to your yard. This will ensure you water less. Speaking of watering less, be sure to mulch any flowerbeds you do create. While it’s a little more expensive upfront, it will look great and lower those water bills throughout the hot summer months!


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