Handy Tips: Mowing the Lawn

Renting a home on the Gulf Coast is great but there is one caveat to our warm weather and early spring and summer seasons – mowing the lawn much earlier than the rest of the country.

Winter is short here on the Gulf Coast and the lawn maintanence on your long-term rental home will shortly become an every-weekend item on your checklist. But, with a few simple tips, we hope to make it less painful on you and that you have a much nicer looking lawn for your efforts. The first thing you want to remember is not to cut your grass to short. While it may be tempting to cut it as low as possible, setting your blade to trim lower than 3.5 inches can result in weeds, yard fungus and, eventually, dead grass.

Next, make sure your lawn equipment is in good working condition, especially if it has been stored over the winter without use. And, finally, wear proper shoes as well as sunscreen. With these tips your yard should look great all summer while still leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the beach!

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