Handy Tips: Quick Fixes

Experienced renters know that all homes come with quirks that you have to adjust to or find ways to work around. We stumbled upon a great list of household tips to help you do everything from clean those water spots to plan your latest housewarming party.

Water hardness or softness can be one of the most major adjustments of a home. It not only effects how long you have to spend cleaning, but even how your hair looks. We can’t help with the hair but a baggy of vinegar over your shower head will make buildup removal a breeze. And rubbing a dryer sheet over your faucets will prevent them from spotting immediately after you’ve cleaned. The baby powder trick is a great one for this area; sprinkle a little powder over feet and all that sticky sand will just brush right off before anyone can track it through your house. And a piece of wet newspaper in the fridge will absorb odor and keep it from infiltrating your goodies before that housewarming party.

Check out the list and let us know on the Southern Residential Leasing Facebook which tip is your favorite or share a new one that helped you settle into your Northwest Florida rental home!

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