Handy Tips: Quick Fixes

Whether you’re a first time home renter, just moved into a new place or recently moved to the Gulf Coast you are bound to encounter some new and unique hurdles while living in your rental home. So, what are some on-the-fly solutions? Look to your pantry!

If not your pantry, try the laundry room, bathroom or even the┬ákids’ craft drawer. Your normal, everyday household items can play double duty to help you out in your Northwest Florida rental home and often in unexpected generic cialis 20mg ways! Did you know a wet dryer sheet will remove mineral deposits and soap scum from a shower door? Or that cornstarch will take those greasy fingerprints and spots off your wall? Tape, hand lotion, wax paper, coffee filters and more will work to solve common problems around your new Florida rental home until you can hit the store, if needed. Find many more tips and feel free to share your own here or on our Southern Residential Leasing Facebook page!

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