Handy Tips: Reducing Your Electric Bill

saving electricity in a rental homeThings are starting to heat up here on the Gulf Coast and that means we will all be doing one thing very soon, no matter if you lease a home on the beach or rent in Crestview – cranking up our air conditioning!

We all know how hot it can be starting in May, and let’s not even talk about how hot it can get in your Gulf Coast rental home come August. All that running of the A/C is sure to send your electric bill sky high, but what can you do? We certainly wouldn’t expect, or want, you to go without but there are other ways to compensate for your higher electric use.

This article on ways to save money when renting will help you reduce electric use in other areas of your home, as well as lower other bills, to help you keep your housing budget managable, including simple things such as unplugging appliances not in use and “the brick method”.

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