Handy Tips: Resetting Your Garbage Disposal

While our team is always here to assist you with any troubles or maintenance issues you may be having in your Gulf Coast rental there are many everyday issues you can easily and safely tackle yourself. And, in the case of your garbage disposal, you’ll want to fix it as soon as possible to avoid a smelly mess!

The garbage disposal is one of those household items you don’t realize how much you use until it jams or clogs. While a clog can easily be solved with a plunger a jammed disposal can be a bit harder to fix. First you’ll need to ensure that your garbage disposal is completely turned off both by the switch on the wall and, if applicable, by unplugging under your sink. From here you can insert your hand in the drain to clear any food particles or small utensils. If this does not clear the drain it’s time to break out the tools! Don’t worry, you’ll just need an Allen wrench.

Be sure to check out this video on how to clear your garbage disposal to see a full demonstration of how to go about fixing your sink. And, as always, feel free to call us with any issues you’re uncomfortable handling. Our Gulf Coast property management team is here to help.

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