Handy Tips: Add Some Spring to Your Step!

It’s time to add a little spring to your step! Your doorstep, that is. Whether you’re Gulf Coast rental home has a full deck with rolling lawn beyond or simply a private patio, potted plants not only add curb appeal but make coming home a treat!

Potted plants are a great way to add color and life to your home. The best part about incorporating plants into your indoor/outdoor decor plan? You can take them with you if and when you decide to move! Whether you intend to plant bright flowers, start a small garden or grow a simple herb garden on your window sill, there are a few basics of potting plants you will want to know, as well as how to water and what to plant. Check out this great instructional video on how to easily maintain plants of your rental home and start enjoying the outdoors. It’s a beautiful time to live in Northwest Florida!

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