Handy Tips: The Bathroom

No matter where you live, be it in a Gulf Coast home rental or anywhere else, there is one aspect of your condo or home that is going to be frustrating and, frankly, gross – The bathroom! So, how can you get it sparkling clean and keep it that way easily?

There are a few solutions to hard water, mold and mildew and you have both organic and chemical solutions. For hard to kill mold in your shower caulk, bleach might be your best bet. Just soak cotton beauty coils, available at stores such as Sally’s, in bleach, line your shower caulk and let sit overnight. Voila! No mold and it prevents it from coming back. To keep your caulk and shower walls mold and lime free, routinely clean with simple white vinegar. This will also remove corrosion from shower heads and has many other uses around your rental home in Northwest Florida. Happy, and easy, cleaning!

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