Handy Tips: Unstick A Stuck Window!

unsticking a windowIt’s almost that time of year when we all want to throw open the windows of our Gulf Coast home rentals and let in that fresh spring air! Unfortunately, it’s also that time of year when we realize the temperature changes of our “winter” and ever-present humidity have caused all our windows to swell shut and stick.

If you discover your windows are stuck shut (and not just locked – be sure and check), there is a very easy fix that should unstick most of your windows and leave you free to enjoy that spring breeze. Grab some WD40 or other household lubricant and then head to the kitchen for the pizza cutter. Yes, the pizza cutter. Spray the lubricant along the vertical window track and then run the pizza wheel, lightly, along the seems of the window to break that weather-induced seel that’s formed. Wondering how this works exactly? Click them image above and watch this easy how-to video! Good luck and happy spring!

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