Handy Tips: Wall Hangings

When you first get the keys to your new Northwest Florida home rental we know you can hardly wait to freshen up your newest living space. But, especially with a rental home or condo, you don’t want to mess up your nice walls! So, what are some tips for easily hanging pictures in your new home on the Gulf Coast?

Grab a few sheets of paper, a tube of toothpaste and clear tape. Cut the paper to the rough size of your photos and tape to the wall in your desired spot. Is it not quite right? No problem, just move the paper (without putting a new hole in the wall!). When you have the frames on your wall in a great spot, dab toothpaste on the wall hangers on the back, place and nail over toothpaste marks so your nail matches to the hanger every time! Good luck with your new Florida home rental and happy decorating.

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