Handy Tips: What to Ask

When you set out to rent a house on the Gulf Coast you aren’t just picking out a new place to keep your stuff. This is going to be your home, so what’s important about it to you?

This is what you need to identify to ensure you spend your money on the right rental home in Northwest Florida. For many, the answer may seem as simple as price, but is that really all that matters? What about location, security and interior features? Do you need a fence for pets? Would you like to be able to decorate? Do you need your utilities to be included?

These are all things you will want to think about and ask our residential leasing experts when shopping for a new long-term rental home in Florida, not to mention the history on the home itself and its previous tenants. Sit down, make your list of questions and then give us a call. We’ve got all the answers about your next home.

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