Handy Tips: Yard Care!

Many Southern Residential Leasing’s long-term rentals on the Gulf Coast are condos or townhomes that require little to no yard care on the part of you, our tenant, or yard care is included with your home rental. Some homes, however, feature gorgeous lawns that will be your responsibility to maintain.

That may sound like a daunting, or even dangerous, task to a beginner, however, a few handy tips will help keep you safe and your new yard looking terrific. Be sure to dress not only to keep cool under the Florida sun but also do your yard work early in the day, if possible, and wear plenty of sunscreen as well as keep water on hand. While flip-flops are in-season all year long here on the Gulf Coast, bare toes and lawn mowers are not always a great combo; wear your tennis shoes or work boots! Next, make sure your lawn equipment, such as a mower, blower, edger, etc., is in good working condition. Once your yard is clear of any debris that may clog your mower or dull your blade, you’re ready to get started!

For additional tips on mowing direction and the use of lawn tools, check out the above video from Lisa in Texas who shares more safety tips and the practical applications of various yard tools.

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