Home Design to Attract Renters

Home design plays a key part in renting your property fast. While curb appeal, new appliances and other upgrades will certainly attract lookers, there is a very simple, cost-effective change you can do that will have just as dramatic of an effect.

So, what’s this affordable upgrade exactly? Paint! That’s right, the colors of a home will certainly sway whether or not someone wants to rent your home. Colors can make a cramped space feel bigger, a drafty area feel warmer and a rental property generally more inviting. In fact, good paint choices take into account the light of the room, temperature, and plan for the fact that you don’t know your renter’s tastes or what furniture they might be bringing in, so keep things nuetral. That doesn’t mean you have to paint the entire home taupe and beige, although when done right, those are excellent choices.

Research the impact of certain tones before painting. For instance, blues have a serene feel, while greens tends to have a calming effect. Remember to keep colors light and airy. Electric blues and lime greens will not have the desired appeal. You want to suggest a sense of comfort and sophistication when choosing colors for your Northwest Florida home. For more, consult our property management team and see how interior elements can rent your home faster!

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