Home Improvements That Increase Property Value

Home Improvements That Increase Property Value ~ Southern Residential Leasing

Looking to increase your home’s property value? It’s amazing what a little time and effort can put into increasing your home’s property value. An increased property value means you’re able to raise the rent, thus bringing in more income each month. Some of these updates you can make yourself, while others will require some assistance or a contractor. If you’re looking to update your rental home in Pensacola, then now is the chance! Read on below for a few home improvements that can increase property value.


Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can help increase your home’s value. Whether you opt for something neutral or a little more vibrant, repainting a room will make it feel brand new. This goes for the exterior as well. Exterior paint can make a dramatic change in your home’s curb appeal, but make sure it matches the rest of the neighborhood. If you do opt to repaint the exterior, make sure to take your time and not to rush it!

Rental Home in Destin

406 Kelly Street in Destin shows a beautifully-landscaped yard and nicely appointed interior to appeal to renters!

Update Your Kitchen

Updated kitchen appliances and countertops are some other home improvements that increase property value. If you aren’t in the market to replace appliances and counters just yet, go for low-cost fixes. This can include anything from updating your kitchen lighting, swapping out the backsplash, or replacing the tile.

Landscape the Yard

Nothing says “curb appeal” like a well-landscaped yard! Take some time to make sure your grass looks healthy, the hedges are all well-trimmed, and that your yard has a general welcoming feel. If you have any cracks in the sidewalk or driveway, go ahead and fill those as well. Additionally, make sure your backyard looks good, too. A well-groomed (and fenced-in) backyard appeals to renters or buyers with pets and children, as they’ll want them to be safe when playing out back.

Update Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Since you spend a good amount of time in these rooms, it’s important to make sure they’re updated and comfortable. Replacing the carpet (or switching it out for hardwood), updating the lighting fixtures, and refinishing the bathtub are all ways you can update these rooms. Even swapping out gold bathroom fixtures for brushed nickel can make a huge difference! Some homeowners have even added an extra bathroom or half bathroom in the home to increase their property value.

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