How To Be A Landlord

how to be a landlordIf you are considering renting an investment property and becoming a landlord there are many things you need to consider before moving forward. Learning how to be a landlord is not something you want to do by trial and error.

Renting a residential property for income isn’t a new concept but navigating this world has certainly become trickier over the years. If you’re considering being a landlord and “renting by owner” without the assitance of a property management company there are a few things to remember. To rent your Northwest Florida long-term property you will have to be a marketer, legal aficionado, maintenance person, rent collector and, possibly, even a repo man. You’ll need to find and screen your tenants to ensure that you are renting to someone who will take care of your home. You will also need to be on-call 24/7 in case your tenant has an emergency at the house. You need to find an effective way to easily collect rent and security deposits, not to mention be on-hand to inspect your home for routine repairs and possible damage. Or, you could let us do all that for you for just a small fee.

Hiring a property management company means having someone at your back, whether it is to protect your home, minimize your vacancies or even legally represent you should their be a problem with your tenant. We’re also the ones on call and the ones who call about late rent. If this sounds worth the minimal fee, give us a call today and let us show you how Southern can make your rental home an income property success!

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