How to Buy an Investment Property

realtorIt is no secret, the real estate market has started to recover. Prices are on the rise and inventory is steadily increasing. That said, home prices and mortgage rates remain relatively low, which is incentive enough to purchase an investment property in South Walton before the market levels out.

If you have decided that the timing is right, the first step to shopping for an investment property is research. No property is the same, so it is important to determine your strategy before you start your search. For instance, do you want to become a landlord or are you looking to flip homes?

Once you have decided, look to an experienced agent who knows the area and a promising property when he or she sees one. Speaking of area, if you are interested in buying a property to rent out, you should know that location is key. A general rule of thumb is that the more you have to offer (proximity to work, grocery stores, malls, beaches, etc.), the more likely you are to attract renters.

Do you already own an investment home and find yourself in need of an experienced property manager in Destin? Look to our managers at Southern to help you handle the ins-and-outs of ownership.

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