How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio

How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio ~ Southern Residential Leasing

How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio

Looking to grow your rental portfolio? At Southern Residential Leasing, we can help you do just that! Knowing where to start isn’t easy, but our knowledgable Gulf Coast property management team is here to help. As a full real estate brokerage, we can help you map out every aspect of your portfolio, from purchasing your investment property to creating a sustainable revenue stream.

Long-term rentals are typically seen as more beneficial than short-term vacation rentals. Once a property is occupied, whether that lease extends 12 months, eight months, or six months, you have a consistent revenue stream. Unlike a vacation rental property, you won’t be able to block it out for owner stays, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll accrue that revenue during your tenant’s lease period. If you have multiple homes on our Gulf Coast property management program, this is a great way to grow your rental portfolio.

Diversifying your portfolio is important as well. If you have multiple properties in the same neighborhood, you stand the chance of bottlenecking your revenue. We recommend purchasing diverse properties in different areas to appeal to multiple types of renters. This also helps you take advantage of market fluctuation more so than if you had similar properties in one area.

In addition, we love to work with realtors! Since real estate markets ebb and flow from buyers’ markets to sellers’ markets, our realtor referral program¬†rewards realtors who refer their clients to our program. For each full property management agreement (PMA) signed, we reward you with $500. You’ll also benefit from our Pay It Forward promise. This ensures¬†that we’ll send every client you refer back to you when the sales markets are ready.

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