Football Season Will Be Here Soon!

How to Host the Ultimate Football Tailgate Party

Hoping to host the greatest tailgate party ever this football season? It is never too early to start planning to ensure you think of everything you might need. There are a few items to make sure you have on your list of things to get that will absolutely make your tailgate party unforgettable. Your long-term rental in Northwest Florida is the perfect spot for a football watch party. Your rental home will have all the internet hookups, counter space for serving food, and room for activities that you may need to host a group of all ages. Continue reading for four tips on how to host the ultimate football tailgate party.

How to Host the Ultimate Football Tailgate Party


No party is complete without snacks. Especially one where you will be watching football for hours. You can cater this to your group and their interests or go with the classics that will never disappoint. Some of the classics include chicken wings, cheese dip, pigs in a blanket, and an assortment of chips. Catering to your group could look like asking everyone to bring their favorite dish, making the snacks a bit on the healthier side, or offering more filling options such as hamburgers and hot dogs. Pro Tip: Never forget to purchase a bag of ice! The ice you have in your freezer will not do the job of keeping beverages cold.

TV Setup

It would be horrible luck to have everyone show up to your long-term rental in Sandestin to watch a game and the TV does not perform the way it should. Test out your TV before everyone arrives. There is likely to be a different game where you can play with volume, screen visibility, and even TV placement. You want everyone to see the screen and hear the game, but also feel free to communicate with other guests. This item is key to throwing a successful tailgate party.


Your group is likely to be cheering on a specific team. To make the party even more festive, gather some decorations that fit the theme. School colors, their mascot, or even team banners could really dress up the place. If you have a team jersey, throw it on! Extra points for those who have pets with their own jersey.


This item is very dependent upon who is coming to the party. There are some guests who do not need other activities besides the game to tie them over at halftime. However, there are others who might bring kids that require entertainment or just need a break from the TV. This is where yard games come in. Corn hole is a fan favorite at every tailgate party. Others might include horseshoe, Spikeball, frisbee, or even oversized Jenga. Having activities to occupy people’s time and give them something to do will take your gathering to the next level.

These four tips on how to host the ultimate football tailgate party are guaranteed to offer your guests a good time! Try hosting your own tailgate this season at your new long-term rental with Southern Residential Leasing.

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