Protect Your Yard from the Summer Heat

How to Protect Your Yard from the Summer Heat

We prep our yard for winter; however, we often forget that the yard also needs to prep for summer! Florida heat can put your yard in an unhealthy state similar to cold weather. There are ways to avoid dry spots in your grass, wilted flowers, and more. There is nothing comparable to the warmth of the Florida sunshine. Not to mention the humidity that can only add to the heat. Continue reading for four tips on how to protect your yard from the summer heat.

How to Protect Your Yard from the Summer Heat

Planting Flowers?

Because of this, you need to be cautious in choosing the right flowers. Pick options that like full sun. If you choose flowers that prefer half sun, they are likely to struggle to bloom. Make sure to also take pictures of where you intend to plant flowers and bring those pictures with you to the flower nursery. Team members can provide insight on which flowers you should choose.

Water Every Day!

It might seem redundant to pull out the hose or watering can and water your flowers and your grass every day. However, it is necessary! The heat can pull the moisture from the soil quickly. It is an added bonus if you have a sprinkler system, but if not grab a large watering can that you can carry around with you in the yard. This is key in protecting your yard from the summer heat.

Adjust Fertilizer and Herbicides

This is another great question to ask the team where you plan on purchasing yard materials. There are specific fertilizers and herbicides that do well in heat and can aid your plants and grass in being successful as well. Make sure to also educate yourself on how much of each to use.

Don’t Over Mow Your Lawn

It is important to mow your lawn and keep it at an appropriate height. It allows for new grass to grow and helps keep the yard look manicured. However, there is such a thing as over-mowing the grass. Set your lawn mower to a good cut height and mow as needed. Set a schedule based on how much sunlight your yard gets. We have found that once a week is a good standard to keep during the summer.

These four tips will help you protect your yard from the summer heat!

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