How to Reduce Tenant Turnover

iStock_000018477573Medium-347x231One of the biggest struggles that a Gulf Coast property management company faces is tenant turnover. That said, how great would it be to know exactly why a renter decided to give you their 30 day notice?

A study conducted by the Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine found a few common reasons why current tenants decided to move, among these factors includes: expiring leases and relocations.

A sad, but very true reality is the fact that most tenant’s leave because their lease is expiring. This helps to highlight the point of relationship building. In order to keep long-term renters, it is important to build long-lasting relationships. How you do this depends on the type of company that you hire to handle your investment property.

At Southern, our property managers make it an effort to care for and communicate with our renters. Our goal is to ensure a pleasant living experience for our tenants, while satisfying our property owners. For more specific details outlining what we can do for your property and rental needs, contact our office at 1.877.342.1605.

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