How to Save Money on Your Next Move

How to Save Money on Your Next Move ~ Southern Residential Leasing

How to Save Money on Your Next Move

We know: moving is expensive! Between the cost of purchasing or leasing a new home, no one likes to spend extra money on moving. However, moving doesn’t have to drain your bank account! There are little ways to save money on moving, from using all those old newspapers to getting free boxes. Learn how to save money on your next move with Southern Residential Leasing.

  • You can get boxes for free. It just takes a little effort! Visit your local mall and ask your favorite retailer if they have any spare boxes still in good condition. Most stores receive their product shipments in large brown boxes perfect for moving. If you’ve been a loyal (and nice!) customer, chances are they’ll happily give them up.
  • Use your own newspapers and magazines instead of packing peanuts. Don’t throw away all those old newspapers and magazine you have lying around! Use them to wrap up items instead of costly bubble wrap. Just be cautious of ink transfer – you don’t want your items getting smeared with that pesky newspaper ink! Also, wrap breakable items in old socks to cushion them.
  • Skip on the moving company. While movers make the job much easier, they’re costly and the prices can add up. Instead, rent your own moving truck and round up your own group of volunteers. Most companies like U-Haul and Budget Truck simply charge you for mileage and gas. If you aren’t moving too far, it’s the most economical decision! Plus, getting your friends and family to volunteer will cut back drastically on costs!
  • Donate what you don’t need. The more you own, the larger the rental truck, and the more you’ll have to pay. Moving is a great time to go through your possessions and sort what you don’t use or need, and what you’d like to keep. Donate your items and claim a tax deduction! Better yet, host a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items and put what you earn towards moving.
  • Collect quotes before you commit. If you do use a professional moving company, collect quotes to compare prices across a few. Summer is often the most popular time to move, so rates can be higher. If you move in the off-season (fall or winter), rates will sometimes be lower. Also ask your movers for a fixed cost instead of an estimate, to avoid all those pesky fees.
  • Keep track of your expenses. If your move meets the criteria, such as distance or moving for a new job, you may be eligible for a tax deduction from your move! Be sure to check with the IRS or an accountant to see exactly where you can save.

We hope you have learned some new ways on how to save money on your next move! If a move is in your future but you haven’t found the right place yet, Southern Residential Leasing can help! View our list of rental homes in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Pensacola Beach, and more!

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