How To Screen Tenants

Before you shake hands and turn over the keys to your Northwest Florida rental home to a new tenant, there is something you will want to do – screen them!

Properly screening tenants may be one of the most, if not the most, important step in owning a successful income property. Some would argue it is better to have no tenant at all over a bad one. Not running proper checks on your renters, including background checks, checking rental references and running a credit check, can lead to major headaches and expenses for you, the landlord. You may think the only thing that cialis price uk could happen is they don’t pay you. Yes, that is a concern, but they could also damage your property or even conduct illegal activities out of it. And, all of that could lead to expensive repairs or even legal fees, should you need to evict them.

If all this sounds like a costly nightmare to you, we agree, but we can also help you avoid it. Even if you only hire us to get you a great tenant, and you manage after that, our small fee is more than worth it. Call us today to learn more about lease-only property management.

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