Insuring your Emerald Coast Home

PCB PierBecause we live in an area prone to strong storms with heavy rain and wind, great Flood Insurance is a must to protect your Gulf Coast home. While premiums have continued to jump higher year after year, things are about to change.

Last month, President Obama signed a bill to stop the rise of flood insurance premiums. With premiums up 50% from 2011. However, the rate repeal allowed by the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act comes with its pros and it cons.

The initiative will are generic cialis safe allow rates to return to pre-reform levels, but only temporarily.

On a whole, it appears to aid in short-term relief on premiums for Florida homeowners, but does not specifically address the bigger issues of helping communities deal financially with this natural disaster.

What does this mean for owners in coastal communities? Well, a slow creep in rates over the next decade is expected for both residential and vacation properties, but for now Emerald Coast homeowners can feel the effects of a slight reprieve.

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