Is Renter’s Insurance Worth It?

iStock_000018477573Medium-347x231Let’s face it – Gulf Coast property managers usually encourage you to attain renter’s insurance, but we know you’re left wondering: is it worth the money?

You may be ready to write us off, thinking the renter’s insurance only covers the damage done to the inside of your Northwest Florida long term rental.  That’s where you’re wrong. Renter’s insurance can cover everything from damages inside to those outside and even instances of theft.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Injuries sustained by guests, smoke or fire damage, electrical mishaps, additional living expenses are often covered by common renter’s insurance policies. It doesn’t cover earthquakes, landlord property, bedbugs, natural flooding or damage caused by a visitor.

It’s roughly $12 a month and can cover up to $14,000 worth of damage according to Trulia. So, we’ll leave it to you to do the math. Do you think renter’s insurance is worth the money?

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